You Are Enough – Why Our New Products Are So Important

You Are Enough.

Those three little words.

As a new mum with severe Pre-natal and post natal depression and anxiety, I just never felt like these words applied to me. I never felt like I was enough. I never felt like I was doing enough – not as a mama, a wife, a friend or a business person. I was constantly feeling like I was failing every minute of every day.
But I wasn’t. I was doing fine. Looking back now I can see that I WAS enough. I AM enough.

My journey through PND was a very lonely one. I only really had my husband for support, even though many people knew I was suffering, and the one thing I kept on saying to myself is that I knew deep down I would eventually climb back up by myself. I knew in time I could heal and re-find my essence. But I worried so much for the other mums who were in the same situation as me. The new parents, who through no fault of their own, were suffering alone. Who were feeling that they were failing at everything. Who were feeling like they were drowning in this new life and the responsiblities it brought. The ones who were feeling all these emotions, yet weren’t being given the support they needed. That weren’t being told that they are enough.

Which is why I’ve gone into my new direction, in the hope that those feeling like they’re not doing enough realise that they are. Not just new parents, but everyone.

So if you’re reading this because you feel like you’re just not doing enough, the message is simple – you ARE enough. If you feel worried that you’re not doing enough, you ARE doing enough. Your best is enough.
And if you’re reading this and you know someone is struggling with feeling that they’re enough, or they’re thinking they’re not doing enough, message them right now and tell them that they’re enough. That their best is enough.
This is why I’ve begun a new range of  positive messages for those on similar journeys, and each comes with their own little bit of hope and magic. So that everyone will have that little reminder as they’re about to tear their hair out, or they’re reaching breaking point…. out of the corner of their eye they see these messages up on their wall – you ARE enough, you ARE important and you ARE loved.

You will not sink.

We got this, guys,
Much love, Kate xx
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