You Are Enough Picture.

You Are Enough.

This is one of our newest products to our Plinky Makes store, and it was created by me with the hope that it’ll make someone who’s currently feeling like they’re not enough realise that they really are enough.

I designed this picture with love as it’s main focus. The pale pink background has a constellation design, adorned with white hearts, stars and moons, and the white lettering is textured, giving it a bit of depth.

But the best part is the three gorgeous rose quartz crystals that it comes with.
I’ve been working with crystals for a while now, in personal use and as a crystal healer, and rose quartz has always been a favourite of mine. I love the various shades of pink just one crystal holds, it’s texture and obviously the magic it brings is just amazing.

Rose Quartz is the stone for love and romance, which is why I decided to base this picture around it’s colours and healing properties. For me, rose quartz has been an important part of the journey we had for Boe, as well as in my recovery from severe pre & post natal depression.
Rose quartz is great at mending your heart, as well as helping promote self-love and self-esteem, which is why I decided to use it with the You Are Enough message. It also helps open your heart to love and romance in to your life, so if this is an area where you could use a little magic, I highly recommend letting Rose Quartz do some of the work for you.

I decided not to attach the crystals to the frame for two reasons – one, to protect the glass in the frame and the crystals becoming damaged during transit, and also because it will allow you to take a crystal out with you if needed, for extra comfort and support, and also because crystals absorb negative energy, they need to be cleansed from time to time. (Don’t worry if this makes no sense to you – I’ll be adding a little crystal guide in with the picture, plus there’s some info on our blog in various posts).

I hope you like our new range of positivity products…. it’s a range very close to my heart, and I hope that in some way it reaches people who really need this little boost.

The message with this product is clear – no matter what the voices in your head tell you, you ARE enough.

You can order this product from our online shop for £20 (+£2.95 UK p&P). Rose Quartz crystals are also available from our shop in the form of rough stones, smooth (tumbled) stones and necklaces.I look forward to sharing our other designs with you over the next few weeks.

Love and light,
Kate xx

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