Why We’re Now Working With Crystals


So some of you may have read recently that we’ve moved Plinky Makes into creations inspired by nature… Which seems pretty self-explanatory, I think. But one of these major shifts is based around crystals, and I thought I should explain why….

I was first introduced to crystals over 10 years ago when my sister gave me a huge, gorgeous rough Rose Quartz, along with a couple of tumbled stones, but back then I didn’t really “feel” any kind of connection with them, or even really understand them, apart from the rose quartz. I had no idea what the others were meant for or even what kind of crystals they were 🙈

It wasn’t until a few years ago when I started to see Sarah for acupuncture for my Fibromyalgia treatment that I had my first major crystal experience. Every Saturday I’d go for acupuncture, but one week she decided to put a number of crystals over various parts of my body while she’d treat me to a bit of reiki.

I can’t really explain what happened during that appointment, but believe me when I say it was magical!

I’d gone in with issues connected to my Fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, as I do every weekend, and I always leave with my symptoms calmed, but this particular week I had a massive energetic spring in my step as I left her treatment room. It was bonkers.

Since that moment, we added crystal therapy into my acupuncture appointments every couple of weeks and every time I’d leave with the same amount of magical energy. I’d feel less frustrated, more content and not as “muddled”, which obviously fibro and mental health can you leave you feeling sometimes.

This sh*t was amazing!

Slowly but surely I’ve been adding crystals into our home to help with various issues that we’ve been finding tough…. From Boe’s HSC, empathic and sensory struggles, to my Fibromyalgia, mental health and general wellbeing plus our marital problems which have stemmed from all that and each crystal has improved so many areas of our lives that even the “not convinced” Mr Plinky now asks for certain crystals if there’s a problem he’s facing or he can see that Boe needs it.

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And it’s from our amazing experiences with Crystals which lead me to begin a diploma course in crystal healing earlier in the year. There are so many different types of crystals, each with their own benefits and magic, and so I decided to improve my knowledge to help our home further.

A selection of Boe’s crystals

But the more I study, the more I’m feeling a calling to pass this on to others… To share our experiences of the crystals we already use, and to share the extra little bits of information I’m gaining from my course.

Which is where we’re at right now.

Those of you who follow me on social media will have obviously seen the news that my Plinky Makes creations are moving towards being more influenced by nature, and my diploma was what made me choose this path… I’m also going to be opening an online shop (on this website & Facebook) where you can buy these creations and also other crystal items.

I’ll also be on hand to help guide you to your perfect crystal for any areas of life you might be struggling with, as well as advice on cleansing crystals and getting the most benefit out of them!

Anxiety has held me back so much with work over the years, but quite honestly, so far I’ve not suffered any issues with this path – it really does feel like I should have been doing this right from the start 💙

I’m excited – and I can’t wait to finish my diploma and start healing through the power of crystals!

Plinky xx

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