Tuff Tray Fun – part 1

Back in the summer of 2016, we decided to get to work on Boe’s garden play area.

Our garden was a bit neglected whilst I was pregnant, and so it wasn’t the safest place for Boe to be out and about in, so it needed (and still does need) a LOT of work doing to it. But to start with, Boe just needed some play things to use outside….. enter the Tuff Tray!


I know some of you have your very own tuff tray, as we often share ideas on what activities in various facebook groups to make and do with our tuff tray, but for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a plastic tray which is sometimes used for building work, but it’s been adopted as a huge play tray 😀

As I come from the south coast, I grew up with having the most amazing beaches on my doorstep, which is the one thing I miss now I live in the city (other than family, obviously), so for most of the summer Boe’s tuff tray was filled with sand to play in with his beach toys & truckHe’s had it for almost a year now and he loves it every time we go in the garden – it’s currently full of rain water, so he loves to put on his welly boots and runs off for a splash!
We did start off with it indoors and just popping rice crispies in it and playing cars, but as Boe was a BLW baby, he spent most of the time just eating the rice crispies haha.

I’ve spent many months pinning away on Pinterest (click on the link and follow for more ideas) and saving various ideas on what we can do with ours now that Boe is a bit older and I cannot wait to get cracking with it again.
We started off with the Sky Blue colour tray, but we’ve just bought a green one with a stand. I’m not one for picking off slugs and gross garden gunk (how I’m going to parent an “in everything” boy, I don’t know… #SlugsAndSnails), so to save me having to deal with that when we want to do inside activities, we got an extra tray. We recently decided we needed the stand anyway, so it made more sense to get the bundle. The original tray will be washed off and brought back inside for fun in the house, and the green one will be popped outside for garden fun 🙂

tuff tray puddles

Splashing (or sitting) in the puddles. This was back when the weather was warmer. Please don’t think I send Boe out to play in the winter with a summer coat on and shorts lol

Have you got a Tuff Tray that you use? What’s your favourite activity to pop in it? Our next activity will be dinosaurs and Jelly I think ?

We’ll be spending more time updating our Tuff tray blog over the next few months and once Boe is well enough to go back outside properly to splash about, so make sure you keep an eye out on our Pinterest board, blog and Facebook page for more updates 🙂

Chat soon and happly splashing!
Plinky xx

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