Tropic Skincare – Our Gorgeous New Makeup Collection!

I’m beyond thrilled to be able to share with you the news of our new makeup range at Tropic!

Our makeup range in the past never really made much of an impact in comparrison to our skincare, which I always found frustrating because I’ve loved it for a while now – especially the Flawless Collection.

As Ambassadors, we’ve heard rumbles in the jungle for a while now about the makeup having a revamp, and then a week or so ago it was finally confirmed by Head Office that our Makeup range was getting a whole new revamp. Horray!

As most of you regular readers and followers know, my direct selling background started 25 years ago with another beauty brand, where makeup sales were huge, and the new releases always had such a huge impact on my customers and sales, and I’m always so excited about revamps and new additions, so our new range with Tropic is hitting ALL my buttons.

The packaging has had a facelift – it’s now a gorgeous bright white, which instantly looks classy…. and not only that – a lot of it comes in recyclable or compostable packaging, with refills available for some products, which reduces waste even further (plus it’s 20/25% cheaper to buy a refill than a whole new product.

To help cut down more waste, some of our Eco Artist beauty brushes are dual (and even 3) ended, meaning you’ll need less brushes for your collection.

Talking of our brushes, they’re made with the most super-soft 100% vegan fibres, so putting your makeup on is easy and effortless. They’re also made using FSC certified, sustainable wood, making them even kinder to the environment.

In my opinion, the highlights of the new makeup collection are:

Eyes On You Eye Shadow (£8)
Available in a fabulous 13 shades, our new pressed shadow contains darks, lights and shimmers and each colour has been made to compliment each other. They’re also fragrance-free and caters for skin of all ages – even mature eyelids.

Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation – with SPF (£22)
One of my makeup must-haves, our Beauty Booster is a silky, light foundation which protects your skin against pollution, UVA / UVB and HEV light damage. It’s enriched with natural minerals which provides SPF 35 broad spectrum protection and also helps slow down the effects of premature ageing!
Beauty Boost is available in 6 shades and leaves you with a bright, dewy finish.

Kiss Me Quick Lipstick and colour cartridge refills (£20 / £16)
Our in house lab team have been working hard over the last few years to develop a 100% natural ‘capsual collection’ within our lipstick range.
All lipsticks have been made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and colourants from Manganese Violet, mineral colourants and safe synthetic pigments. Our new lipstick will even plump your lips over time thanks to it stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid production!
And once it runs out you can just switch the cartridge to a new one, instead of buying a whole new lipstick, reducing waste and saving money!

Eco Art Beauty Brushes.
It’s hard not to fall in love withthe revamp on our makeup tools. They’re sleek, multifunctional and made from FSC certified, sustanable wood, and super-soft vegan fibres. Applying makeup with these brushes gives absolutely flawless results, and makes it effortless.
My favourites are the dual ended eye shadow brush (£12), kabuki brush (£22) and the flat detailing brush (£12).

Lash Extention Kit (£25)
I had this in my starter kit a couple of years ago, and instantly fell in love…. my lashes are quite long already, but really thin, and other brands of mascara seem to just make my lashes look like spider legs, no matter what effect they’re meant to give. But the lash extention kit leaves me with the most amazing lashes. The fixing gel is enriched with Jojoba oil and canallila wax, which helps define and darken lashes, while the extention fibres contain innovative fibres to helps give lashes up to 5x the volume and doubles the length. They’re available seperately, but if you buy as a kit then you save £3!

I’m so excited about the new collection, and my “must-have” list has grown since the launch of the new range – I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a few items and trying out the new and updated versions of my faves.

As always, our new products are 100% cruelty free, vegan certified, and free from harsh chemicals and preservatives, SLS and gluten (plus so much more). For more information on our range, or to place an order please visit my Tropic website by clicking here.
(Don’t forget to enter Kate Scott as the ambassador detail when prompted at the checkout).

Have you seen our new range yet – what are you initial reactions? Let me know in the comments section below, or over on my Tropic Facebook page.

Speak soon,
Kate xoxo

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