This one’s for the busy people.

I know, I know… You’re super busy right now.

Everyone everywhere is on a mission and time and tide waits for no man, so we’re all rushing around like loons trying to fit everything in.

And when we’re busy, what’s generally the first thing to be scraped? SELF-CARE!

And should that happen? NOOOOO!

So here’s a cheats way of getting into a great skincare routine which you’ll have no problem implementing. I didn’t think I could manage it as a new mum (then a mum of a crazed toddler) but I sneak it into my morning routine every morning.

I promise it’s manageable ?

Step 1: hop in the shower. Wash your hair.

Step 2: gently rub a bit of Face Smooth into your DRY face, targeting any dry areas. Then wipe off with a wet bamboo cloth.

Step 3: gently rub our Smoothing Cleanser into your face. You’ll only need a couple of squirts of this, so your bottle will last aaaaages. Got a spare minute or so? Wet the bamboo cloth again with warm water then hold it over your face and take deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth, allowing the essential oils to get deeper into your skin and to also calm your mind for a moment or two. Then rice off with the bamboo cloth.

No spare minutes? That’s fine – just rinse off the Cleanser with the bamboo cloth without doing the deep breathing.

Step 4: wash the rest of you as normal in the shower.

Step 5: Once out of the shower, pat dry your face, then spritz a few sprays of our Vitamin Toner. TOP TIP : don’t wipe this off – leave it to soak in as a real treat to your skin. This is when I dry the rest of myself and get dressed.

Step 6: once dressed, apply a couple of squirts of our Skin Revive to your face and neck. Start off with a small amount first as a title goes a long way. If you need more you can squirt more, but you don’t want to waste any ?

And there you have it… A very quick facial ?

Our ingredients are so fresh and beneficial to the skin that even a rushed job gets good results! You honestly don’t need a few hours spare in the day to get a good result. In fact, you’d probably have it all done by the time you’ve read til the end of this blog post ?

Obviously if you have more time available then you can spend more time treating the skin, but most of the time we don’t, but our skin needn’t suffer because of that.

I’ll be posting free ABC samples out soon, so please keep an eye out in our VIP group to claim your tubs – there will only be a small number available ? alternatively you can visit our online store and buy the ABC kit with FREE face Smooth and FREE bamboo cloth for just £52 (save £15). Just click on Shop, then Collections ?

Wishing you a lovely and relaxing day,

Plinks xx