The Little Crystal Lounge

The Little Crystal Lounge is now open!

Do you like all things a bit woo-woo, or what other people class as bonkers, or a little bit weird?

I created The Little Crystal Lounge on Facebook to be a community for people just like me – who loves essential oils, who are powered by crystals and affected by the moon phases, who loves it when they find the perfect quote that jumps into their soul, who gets absorbed into lyrics of a song, who believes in ghosts and angels and tarot cards and the messages that they bring.

So if this sounds like your kind of group, than why not come and join us? It’s a completely free group to join, and we’re all such a nice bunch. We’d love it if you because part of The Little Crystal Lounge.

Join us today by clicking here.

Chat soon,
Kate xoxo

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