The Journey Begins – Reversing My Diabetes Results

So back in early December I was told I was borderline diabetic.

After 6 months of insane weight gain (I went from a size 10 to an almost 18) and how much I was eating, even though 90% of it was healthy foods, it was obvious my annual HBA1c results were going to reveal something was happening.

I was literally on the line with a result of 42, but I was still summoned by the Health Trainer at our gp surgery.

We had a chat about what was happening and it became apparent that it was some of the snacks I was eating and my 1 bottle of coke on a Friday after CBT which pushed my bloods over the edge.

Since our kitchen was finished, we’d gone back to eating very low salt and sugar meals… But due to my anti-depressants making me super hungry, my portion control was non existent, and even after eating 2 helpings of roast dinners, 10 minutes later I’d be starving. I’d quite happily sit and eat a full tube of crisps of an evening, and I’d slipped back into the habit of snacking on a few chocolate bars or something equally unhealthy and Still I’d be hungry…. It was insane.

Anyway, so we came up with a new eating plan, I was advised to pay attention to my portion control and just work on switching my snacks from unhealthy to healthy. Which I did do… Apart from on my birthday weekends and at Christmas and New year. I also have to lose 5% of my body weight….

So this week I made a proper plan with meals and snacks… I weighed myself and took measurements of my middle, my left thigh and my left arm (something I picked up from the transform25 plan and realising its not just about weightloss) and we got all the food we would need.

Monday mornings will be my check time, to calculate how successful the previous week has been and to see if I’m on target with my goals, and if I’m not, then we can tweak the plan. To help with the weight loss I will also be doing yoga every morning on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, plus every evening. It’s only gentle yoga due to my fibromialgia, but hopefully by the summer I might be able to push myself further and do a less gentle yoga routine to help with the weight (or I might get my exercise bike out of the garage for something more intense but less relaxing if the yoga isn’t working as well as I’d hoped).

As a way of making myself accountable for what I eat, I’m planning on sharing my recipes and meal plans in our Saturdays and Sunny Days Facebook group, as well as sharing snippets on here as well…. So if you’re looking for meal inspiration, or if you’re just interested in how the journey is going, please feel free to join us in the group…. Meals / recipes will be posted on a Monday evening.

I’m both excited and nervous in equal measures… Fingers crossed the new plan works 💙

Catch ya soon! Kate xox

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