Self Care Ideas for Duvet Days

When you live with a chronic illness, you tend to need a lot of duvet days….

But self care doesn’t need to end there

Here’s my favourite self care ideas for when you need a duvet day

💜 Watch your favourite movie

💜 Put your phone on silent for a while

💜 Read a book

💜 Order a take away

💜 Take a nap

💜 Cut & paint your nails

💜 Write in a journal

💜 Listen to your favourite music

💜 Write out a meal plan and shopping list

💜 Put on a face mask

💜 Do some colouring

💜 Snuggle up with your pet / favourite cuddly Teddy bear

💜 Create a new Pinterest board and get pinning

💜 Indulge in some online shopping (don’t get into debt though!)

💜 Practice some deep breathing

💜 Give a friend or family mamber a call to reconnect

💜 Drink plenty of fluids

💜 Get wrapped up in your favourite blanket

These are just a few ideas that I like to do when I have to have a duvet day.

Remember though, self care is anything that nourishes your soul – what’s your favourite self care activity? Let’s us know in the comments below 💜

’til next time, Kate xoxo

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