Pour some Sugar on me….

Sugar. Gluten. Gluten. Sugar.

I love them both, but they don’t love me. Not one bit.

I’ve been wanting to give up both for a while now, but never had the confidence (or food knowledge) to give them up completely.

I’m a self-confessed sugar addict. I used to have can after can of fizzy pop throughout the day… Crisps, chocolate, sweets, junk food, and I was a sicker for a chocolate fudge cake…. Chances are if it was bad for you, I have lived off it at some point in my life…

While I was pregnant with Boe I made a huge effort to cut down on the sh*t I was putting into my body, and after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes rather late in my pregnancy (it was only picked up after reporting months of reduced movements so PLEASE keep an eye on those kicks) I obviously made more of an effort to take note of what was in the meals I was eating and cooking.

I did really well keeping up with it after Boe was born, and it wasn’t until the PND and Fibro symptoms became really bad that I fell head first into the sugar addiction yet again.

Last year I was so bad that a packet of jaffa cakes wouldn’t even last a minute, I’d go through a 12 pack of crisps in 2 days, I was constantly drinking cola or lemonade, snacking on sweets and other crap…. And when Mr Plinky and I finally got to bed, I’d be snacking on a large bag of popcorn, more crisps and chocolate biscuits in one night while we watched TV or a movie.

I was SO sure that I was heading towards getting diabetes that when I had my annual HBA1c diabetes blood test I felt sick thinking the test would come back positive.

Thankfully for the second year I’d escaped it, but that fear has stuck with me since April.

I’d been wanting to quit all the crap ever since then, as I knew it was affecting my moods by making me massively angry and was feeding my depression and anxiety more than anything else, but I had NO idea of how to make quitting it work. I shamefully know NOTHING about foods and I do zero exercise (other than being a non-stop mum running around the house all day every day)… I had no confidence in quitting it all and having it be successful.

But then Natasha popped up in one of the planner groups that I was in on fb and she was talking about her meal plans and the things she does.

It sounded perfect.

Not only do you get a detox kit full of everything you need for a 4 day holistic juice detox (you get supplied with the juice powders – all natural spices like turmeric and oregano, two different kinds of tea, raw honey and olive oil, all you need to get is water, lemons and berries to add to it, and then some veg for your evening meals), but she also provides complete support, meal plans (very tasty and easy meals) and even an exercise plan!

So after chatting with Natasha for a while, I FINALLY decided in November that it just go for it. Her help and support was amazing, even before that moment, and it was a lot easier than I thought.

I had to have 3 juices a day, with a massive meal of green veg in the evening for 4 days, and then I could go back to a normal 3 meals / 2 snacks day for 21 days, and following the exercise plan as well. I expected the juices to be gross, but I actually enjoyed them, and who knew green veg could fill you up so much Hahah.

It completely rewired my taste buds so I lost all the sugar cravings, drive thru burgers tasted awful and made me feel sick, I WANTED to exercise and did something every day (which is when my love for Yoga arrived), cola made me feel drunk and most importantly, my mood swings were tamed along with my new found energy of getting up and being productive!

I was a completely different woman…. And I felt I could take on the world.

The weight loss factor wasn’t that important to me, but in 4 days I lost over 3 lbs… I didn’t take any measurements after the 4 days, which was a shame but I did drop from a size 12 to a 10 and my dreaded muffin tops had vanished ?

I highly recommend having a look at Natasha’s website and seeing what she offers… She even sells ebooks of the most tasty snacks – even cookies (healthy ones, obviously) and all are gluten free, which is a bonus. There’s even dairy free & lactose free goodies on there too, as well as various detox options.

It’s now been a couple of months and I’m currently in the process of writing a proper update, but I can say that I loved every part of this detox and transform plan… It even made me excited to get back in the kitchen again ?

I can’t wait to update you all in the next blog…. So keep your eyes peeled on our news feed for the update.

Plinks xx