How I Survive Winter with a Chronic Illness

Winter….. it’s an amazing season, full of pretty frosty mornings to look at, twinkling lights from peoples Christmas decorations, the feeling of new beginnings….

As someone who suffers from a number of chronic illnesses – endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, arthritis to name a few, I tend to stay in a lot – I work from home so having to go out in the early morning frost isn’t an issue…. I can shop online if I don’t feel like going out in the rain and cold winds…. so I don’t see “bad weather” days like someone who has to do the school run, or head off to the office.

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Boe’s Invitation To Play Activities – Halloween

For this year’s Halloween activities, we’re keeping it really simple and focusing more on the pumpkin side of things… Due to Boe’s sensitivity we have to keep things quite peaceful for Halloween, with no loud, spooky noises or anything really scary….

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You Are Enough Picture.

You Are Enough.

This is one of our newest products to our Plinky Makes store, and it was created by me with the hope that it’ll make someone who’s currently feeling like they’re not enough realise that they really are enough. Continue reading →

You Are Enough – Why Our New Products Are So Important

You Are Enough.

Those three little words.

As a new mum with severe Pre-natal and post natal depression and anxiety, I just never felt like these words applied to me. I never felt like I was enough. I never felt like I was doing enough – not as a mama, a wife, a friend or a business person. I was constantly feeling like I was failing every minute of every day. Continue reading →

My Top 9 5 Minute Self Care Ideas


Apparently this is the day of rest. I say bulls**t to that, though, because Sundays are anything but restful in our house!

It *should* be restful in some way, because we need to recharge for the week ahead and all its going to bring, but very rarely does that happen.

So I’ve compiled a list of my favourite 5 minute self care ideas which are perfect for any day of the week, especially on a Sunday 💜

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