You Are Enough Picture.

You Are Enough.

This is one of our newest products to our Plinky Makes store, and it was created by me with the hope that it’ll make someone who’s currently feeling like they’re not enough realise that they really are enough. Continue reading →

You Are Enough – Why Our New Products Are So Important

You Are Enough.

Those three little words.

As a new mum with severe Pre-natal and post natal depression and anxiety, I just never felt like these words applied to me. I never felt like I was enough. I never felt like I was doing enough – not as a mama, a wife, a friend or a business person. I was constantly feeling like I was failing every minute of every day. Continue reading →

My Top 9 5 Minute Self Care Ideas


Apparently this is the day of rest. I say bulls**t to that, though, because Sundays are anything but restful in our house!

It *should* be restful in some way, because we need to recharge for the week ahead and all its going to bring, but very rarely does that happen.

So I’ve compiled a list of my favourite 5 minute self care ideas which are perfect for any day of the week, especially on a Sunday 💜

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Parenting Through Anxiety – Our Kitchen Makeover

I can’t tell you when it started, this insane level of anxiety over our kitchen. I know it wasn’t there pre-Boe, and I know it wasn’t as bad as it has been this year, but I wouldn’t be able to pin point at what stage of my mental health crisis that it all went from not really liking our kitchen to feeling like we’d all die if we opened the door….

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Why We’re Now Working With Crystals


So some of you may have read recently that we’ve moved Plinky Makes into creations inspired by nature… Which seems pretty self-explanatory, I think. But one of these major shifts is based around crystals, and I thought I should explain why….

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