Why We’re Now Working With Crystals


So some of you may have read recently that we’ve moved Plinky Makes into creations inspired by nature… Which seems pretty self-explanatory, I think. But one of these major shifts is based around crystals, and I thought I should explain why….

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What Happened Yesterday – Parenting Through Anxiety

You ever have one of those days where you just nail everything?

Due to all my mental health issues, one of those days hadn’t happened in a very long time – I often lose my shit over something, but 5 major things happened yesterday that old me would have had major meltdowns over.

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Why We’re “one and done”

“Oh, really?” They reply, (in an attempted-to-mask-but-failed shocked voice) when we answer their question of when we’re having another child, like it’s such a disapointment to the entire world when we say we’re stopping with Boe.

Yes, really.

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