Fancy Being A VIP?

Hey there busy people!

So I’mma keep this short and sweet for you, but I just wanted you to all be aware that there’s a very special Tropic VIP group awaiting your presence…..
I’m on your Facebook page, Kate, WHY would I need to join your group also?

Well, funny you should ask that!
There’s a number of reasons:
1, Facebook is rubbish for showing us users every post from pages we love, and currently out of all the posts I’m making on my page, less than 5% of you are getting them put on your news feeds. They do this with a lot of small businesses, in the hope that we then pay money to get our posts stamped on more news feeds.
Point being, if you join the group, you’ll get to see all we post.

2, Because this is where all the REAL Tropic fun happens…. Sure, I’ll post bits and pieces on the page, but the juicy stuff is in the group. Plus it’s a closed group, so none of your friends will see you comment on a photo asking if there’s anything to combat a problem you might think is embarrasing 😉

3, I post more videos, tutorials and tips in the group – my main goal as a Tropic Skincare Advisor is for YOU to be comfortable in the skin you’re in, however that may be… in the group I can taylor my advice to YOU as I’m able to get to know you better than I can via my page.

4, There’s more exclusive special offers and discounts which lets face it, who DOESN’T love a freebie or a little treat? You’ll only be able to get these offers if you join our VIP group though 😉

5, Monthly club. Everyone who shops with us via Facebook on the first Sunday of every month will be entered into a little give away at the end of each month to win a super Tropic prize!

6, We also have a bit of a laugh in there too 😉 Who doesn’t like a Monday Meme thread to laugh at?

7, We have a Tropic of the week which starts every Sunday night. We feature a different Tropic product each week and every night for that week I’ll be sharing tips on Hero Ingredients, tips on how to get the best from said product, plus more…

8, Mystery Host Parties. Every 2 months we’ll be holding a Facebook Party and YOU’RE invited! These events will take place within our VIP group JUST for our VIP’s, and everyone who will be entered into our Party Draw to be in with a chance of being chosen as our Mystery Host, who will then recieve a percentage of total sales to spend on yourself for FREE!

So…. there’s 8 awesome reasons why you NEED to join our VIP group…. if you fancy joining us, just click HERE and then say hello 😀

I love my little group, and we’d love it if you came along to join us too <3

See you there?

Plinky xx

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