Energise Your Aura with a Salt Bath

Taking a salt bath is an easy way of energising your aura. Sometimes our aura can become damaged or can develop weak spots.

This simple salt bath can help energise and enhance your aura.

You can use table salt if you don’t have any bath salts, but it must be strong.

Add at least half a cup of salt to one bath full of warm water.

I love having baths with Epsom Salts or Pink Himalayan Salt.

Because salt can feel quite sharp, it’s best to make sure the salt has desolved before you get in.

Make sure you stay in the bath for at least 15 minutes and you’ll emerge feeling better as your aura will have been enhanced.

Maybe take this bath time as a chance to boost your mood by lighting some candles and listen to relaxing music or your favourite songs?

Why not try having a salt bath next time you’re feeling a bit low or “heavy” and see if it gives you a little boost.

Let me know how you get on in the comments section.

’til next time, Kate xoxo

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