Detox : episode two. The Attack of the Toned

So…. As some of you may have seen from a previous blog post, I started a 4 day detox and a 21 day transform plan with Guilt Free Health With Natasha….

I did really well with it, which you can read about HERE, but Christmas happened and I weakened.

I know, right…. Who didn’t that coming? Hahah

I decided to not beat myself up about it, and gave in to the boxes of chocolates, party food and all the other little festive treats and told myself I’d just do the detox again in January.

Today (8th) was day one, and I’ve almost made it to bed time ?

My day started by taking measurements of various areas of my body, and then starting on my first juice of the day.

I have 3 juices to drink a day… All full of natural spices (including cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and lots more) which have AMAZING benefits to the body, and then for dinner I can eat a whole load of various green veggies. What I love about these juices is there’s nothing nasty in them. No chemicals, so magic pills… Just a bunch of natural ingredients. We have to add a few other ingredients such as water, lemon juice and some berries, but they just make the juices even more tastier ?

I won’t lie…. Doing the measurements first thing this morning was a bit worrying…. But taking the photos were a lot worse 🙁

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mama, obviously, but my body isn’t as it used to be… My hips seem to have become double the width hahaha ? I’m still to send said photos to Natasha as part of our accountability because I just really don’t like them. In November I had no problems at all, but I guess that goes to show the change in mental health this time round 🙁 I might be brave soon and upload them on here as well at some point….

Anyhoos, I thought I’d messed the whole plan up over Christmas, so imagine my surprise when I compared my results with November’s day 1 measurements…. I weigh less and have still a good few inches smaller ??

Insaaaaaaaane, right?! I guess that’s just how good Natasha’s meal ideas are, that I managed to completely binge over the holidays, but I’d done so well beforehand that it gave me a bit of space ? What’s even more insane that I see myself more out of shape currently than I did a couple of months ago ?? mental state, seriously… That’s all that is! Especially seeing as the weight-loss part of this isn’t even on my radar!

I had my first juice at 8am before getting up and starting my day. The juices don’t really taste as bad as you’d think (in my opinion), and I don’t mind drinking them at all. In typical Boe style, today was the day he wanted to eat everything in sight, but I stayed strong through the hunger and managed to let him eat all his snacks without grabbing a nibble ?

My next juice was meant to be at 12 when Boe had his sandwich but I sneaked it a bit earlier as I was staaaaaarving!

I won’t lie, come dinner time I was so desperate for food that even Boe’s fish fingers and waffle looked like heaven ? for my dinner I had fried courgette slices, broccoli and spinach, with celery and cucumber sticks….. Absolutely laced with Nandos peri peri sauce (which is allowed, believe it or not lol)

It’s now 8pm and my day one headache has just kicked in, but I’m due my last juice of the day in a bit so I’m hoping it’ll calm down soon. I have the last one quite close to bed time as this is when I normally do most of my snacking, so I find a late juice helps kill that need to grab the popcorn.

Honestly, today has gone quite well… I expected Boe and I to clash at some point, but we didn’t…. I’m dreading tomorrow though. His Childminder is really poorly so she’s closed up for the week, which we obviously weren’t planning on. I’m hoping I handle my hanger and withdrawals as well as I did today, but I’m shitting myself over the fact that I might not be as calm and cool…. Mix that with a 2 year old AND ? KABLOOM! ?

It’ll be fine though… Right?! ??

I’m off to get an early night tonight, so I’m going to do a little bit of meditation to wind myself down after I’ve had my final juice of the day and a lovely mint tea. But I can go to bed proud that although I was tempted by EVERYTHING, and although I can feel my fuse burning away and my patience is quite thin already, I have NOT given in to temptation and I have done day one!

Thanks for reading my blog on today… I’ll be updating my progress properly over on my Facebook page which you can find HERE , as well as (hopefully) a new blog post every day. I’d be very grateful for any support of any kind – I get the feeling these four days are going to be a LOT harder than November :/

Catch ya later, Alligator

Plinky xx