Crystal Healing – Carnelian.

I’ll be honest, when these crystals arrived in my latest order, I wasn’t at all attracted to them. While they were tucked up in their bag, they looked murky, dark and uninspiring….

But once I’d taken them out of the packaging and showed them some love…. WOW!

Just look at the difference 🧡

I’m now completely in love with them. Each fiery red, orange and brown crystal has its own little quirk and markings, and just from holding each crystal, I can tell there’s a fire in their bellies!

The benefits.

I ordered this crystal based on the many benefits it offers in terms of crystal healing.

Carnelian is an amazing stone for those who are preparing for or healing from something major, physically…. Like childbirth or surgery, etc, so if this is you or someone you know, I highly recommend popping one of these crystals into your aftercare package 🧡

  • Boosts energy and focus to bring creative daydreams into reality
  • Immune-boosting, so it’s perfect for cold and flu season *adds 20 crystals into my pockets*
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Adds new spice to bedroom activities and Boosts your confidence as a vibrant, sexy creature
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts the power of true expression
  • Helpful for energizing physical goals, so it’s a great stone to have with you for committing to that exercise routine that you’ve been putting off.
  • It makes for a great pocket-sized personal trainer who will always encourage you to try your best

✨ Place a carnelian and Rose Quartz over your heart Chakra to get in touch with your romantic and passionate side.

✨ Carnelian is a great stone for fertility, alongside amethyst and rose quartz ❤️

Carnelian is a great crystal for singers, actors and entertainers too, as it creates harmony between mental focus and creativity in the left and right parts of the brain. If you wear Carnelian jewellery you’ll receive a constant flow of warmth and support when all eyes are on you.

*interesting fact: apparently Adele cannot perform without her collection of crystals, which includes Carnelian*

We currently have 3 sizes of carnelian available from our Facebook page, with prices starting from £1.20 each.

I love their individual markings and colours, don’t you?

These are all perfect sizes for keeping in your pocket, sock or bra for added magic in your day, and don’t forget we have our silver spheres which turn many of our crystals into necklaces!

So how do Carnelian look and sound to you? I’m awful during cold and flu season, so I’ll definitely be keeping a few by my bed and in my pocket 🧡

If you’d like to order any of our crystals, please message me on Facebook (the online shop for this website is coming soon).

Sending love and light for your day,

Kate xoxo

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