Colour Me Autumn….

I know, I know…. it’s almost spring….. so we’re a little bit late in updating this blog post about our autumn rice box *hides behind laptop*
So as some of you may remember, a few months ago we went through a phase of colouring rice for Boe to play with – our first batch was the colours of a tropical ocean (or Frozen, according to Boe) and he had so much fun hunting for burried treasure, and so (as it was Autumn at the time) we made another batch for an Autumn theme with rich red, bright orange, yellow and brown….

To make your own Autumn themed box of rice you’ll need:
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* bag of rice
* freezer bags
* Various colours of childrens paints
* Baking paper
* Plate or baking tray to dry rice on.

To start with, decide how much rice you’d want of each colour and pour into freezer bags. As you may have picked up on various other blogs, we don’t tend to measure a lot of things in this house so there’s no strict rules on how much of whatever to add to whatever with our activities unless it’s really important.

We wanted quite a lot of rice so we could really get the treasure hunts exciting, so we poured rather a large amount of rice into our bags and then added a HUGE squirt of paint to each.
We then rubbed the paint into the rice through the bag, making sure all the grains of rice were all coated with the paint.
The green came out quite yellow, so we added an extra dose of green in the hope it coloured better.

Once all the rice had been coloured we poured it all on top of some baking paper on a baking tray and left it on the window ledge to dry.

Just look at those colours ? We left them to dry overnight , and this is what we were left with – a huge batch of rice in the most brightest Autumnal colours!

We had so much fun. We burried pegs, paper leaves and Boe had a great time pouring it all into ice cube trays ?
I love the fact that there’s so many easy activities left to entertain Boe, and I love just sitting back and watching him come up with his own ideas on how to play with toys and lose play items.

It’s been a while since we used rice to play with – I might make a spring box for him this week and hide some chocolate eggs and stickers in it all ? #thinkingOutLoud #NewIdea

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Wishing you a lovely day and rest of the week,

Plinky and Boe xx