Changing My Mindset About Type 2

Whilst I was having CBT last year, I also had my Type 2 diagnosis.

It became a running joke that each session I’d blame someone or something other than myself for my diagnosis and weight gain and addiction to eating junk.

First off it was my medication, then it was Mr Plinky, then it was “because I’m a busy mum to a hectic toddler so was too exhausted to cook dinner sometimes almost every night, then it was because on a Friday, after my sessions it was a treat to go to the Co-Op on the way home to pick up a tuna sandwich, a bottle of coke and a packet of Squares for lunch.

And whilst I can indeed put my spike in hunger levels on to my mirtazipine, it wasn’t forcing me to munch on unhealthy snacks or have yet another maccys because I was too exhausted / fatigued / drained to cook a healthy dinner. As my therapist said, my meds aren’t making me shove a load of crap into my mouth instead of healthy snacks.

And she was right.

Because it was MY choice to eat a whole tub of Aldi crisps whilst watching Neighbours at bed time. It was MY choice to get the boys to grab a maccys on the way home. It was MY choice to pick up chocolate bars whilst doing the weekly shop and bypass the fruit.

Yes, my meds have made me hungry, but it’s not them making my food choices, it’s ME!

That was my first hurdle to overcome my diagnosis… Part of my acceptance that this was happening, and starting to reverse this new situation was getting to grips with my mindset.

But I’ve also had to tweek my lifestyle, as so much of my snacking was “habit”… I always feel hungriest when I’m watching TV, so I’ve switched the tub of crisps for popcorn… Chocolate bars are now rice cakes (unflavoured ones, obvs)…if we go out for lunch or meet up with friends I’ll opt for a glass of water, or if I’m needing a bit more then I’ll have a glass of lemonade (I did recently forget and automatically ask for a glass of coke, and felt completely rotten afterwards and a load of spots appeared almost instantly on my face, so won’t be doing that in a hurry any time soon).

That’s why I love the above quote – because it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there in the first place.

I’m making a lot of changes in my life to reverse this as well as just changing my eating habits… I’ve increased my yoga sessions to 8 times a week, I’m more active during the day, and mentally I’ve upped my game in believing in myself that I CAN do this and that it’s easy….

Because that’s all it comes down to, doesn’t it….

Mindset, lifestyle choices and belief.

Have you got Type 2? What’s been the biggest change you’ve made that’s seen the most impressive result? What gets you through?

Why not share some of your experiences or tips in the comments below 💜

Til next time, Kate xox

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