Our Favourite Children’s Books

Hey there parents!

So I thought I’d write a little blog post today about Boe’s most favourite books.

I won’t lie, the kids had an impressive library since before he was born – we regularly read Each Peach Pear Plum and the Gruffalo to him whilst he was still tucked away.

Obviously now as a 3 year old, his collection is so large that it’s spread over 3 rooms – some in the lounge, some in his playroom and others in the nursery.
Originally I had this great idea of him having a little book nook under the story tree in his nursery where we’d snuggle up and read stories together on the day bed. Well that never happened because as soon as he was born he’d throw a fit if we read a book to him, and he had too many books for his nursery, even back then. So in his early days, the only books he’d allow me to read was recipe books. Looking back, I guess that was the first sign that he’d like his food ha!

Now, thankfully, it’s a different matter and he LOVES getting his books out and sitting with us while we read to him.

So these are his 10 favourite books from the last 3 years
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1) No book list would be complete without The Grufallo, would it? Is there any child on the planet whos’ not enjoyed this book? This was Boe’s first identified book. Before he was even one, if you said “a mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood…” he’d crawl as fast as his chubby little legs would carry him and out of about 20 books in the expedit, he’d always know which one to pull off just from the spine. He’s a clever little viper!

2) A Squash and a Squeeze.
Another favourite from Julia, this was our bedtime story for a good few months and was also part of Boe’s HS calm down plan – it’s a great book to have funny voices to!

3) Oi Frog.
A recent addition to our collection – we hired it from the library one day and he found the frog having slipnters in his bottom hilarious! So we ordered a copy from Amazon because he wasn’t impressed with having to take the book back to the libaray.

4) Room on the Broom.
Another favourite from Julia. Boe was given this book on his first birthday and he LOVES it (and the movie too) and reads it almost every day.

5) Each Peach Pear Plum.
One of my all time favourite books, this was the very first book we ever read to Boe – back then he was still in the bump, but even now he loves looking at all the pictures and seeing what he can find! It’s such a classic!

6) Jane Eyre.
I’m not kidding….. the kid’s drawn to this book! Obviously it’s in my book case and not his, but every time he passes it, he has to get it out and have a flick through before bringing it over to me to read to him. He brings another book over to read by the time I’ve reached the 5th page, but it’s still one of his go-to staples, the crazy little dot 😀

7) That’s Not My Penguin.
Boe loves penguins, so this book with stuffed toy was the perfect gift from Nana for his first Christmas. He still enjoys having a good old feel of the pages 🙂

8) PJ Masks.
Boe has 3 books in this collection so far – the 2018 annual, Mayhem at the Museum and Battle of the HQ’s. He loves anything to do with PJ Masks, and can spot the merchendise from a mile away lol

9) 10 Little Dinosaurs.
This book is amazing, and one of the few books that Boe actually reads along with when we read it. It’s a great book for counting and for making silly noises with – I highly recommend getting it if your kid loves dinosaurs. There’s other books in the collection as well, which you can find HERE.

10) Your baby’s first words will be Dada.
Mr Plinky doesn’t like this book because he doesn’t like Jimmy Fallon. I on the other hand LOVE Jimmy, and I think this book is great, as does Boe. It’s been in Boe’s top 10 since 2015!

So there you have it – Boe’s top 10 favourite books for this year so far 🙂

Have you got any of these books? What’s your little one’s go-to books?
Plinky xx

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