Boe’s Lego and Other Bricks Table

Boe’s got really into his Lego bricks over the last few months, which has been amazing to watch.

He’s had Duplo and Megablocks since he was one, but he’s never really been that fussed about them and would only very rarely build the odd tower.

But then when Nana left from her last visit in September, we decided to call in to Wilkos and have a look at their Wilko blox sets as I just had this feeling that it was time to get started 😍 Boe chose the Fair Swing and we got a little table type bench as well for him so that he had a base for it all.

For non-lego bricks, the Wilko range is pretty good, although the table / bench was a bit rubbish as it has no central support so just bends when you try to stick bricks on it. But it was good to get us started.

The number of proper bricks in the kit were pretty limited though, and although we did get a pot of Wilko pick and mix bricks, we didn’t actually have any decent sized bricks, like 2×4 2×2 etc… So we had a look around at the Lego boxes and came across Smyths who were having a Spend blah and get blah % discount… Which was well timed 😉 they had the lego box we wanted (Lego 10698) plus some unbranded bricks, so off we went!

Boe was over the moon with his purchases, and as soon as we got back home, we all started building. The lego blocks came with a little booklet that had a couple of instructions in, which was great fun for Boe to follow.

We didn’t give him all the bricks, because that would be mad, but we gave him a good mix from each box.

And to be honest, you really couldn’t tell the pieces apart… They all go together really well and easily enough for a 3 year old to build with, which is good because no everyone is in a position to just buy lego bricks all the time.

By this stage we’d realised that the little wilko bench just wasn’t going to cut it, so we dug our trusty Lack coffee table out of the garage, gave it a good clean and put it in the lounge. Boe LOVED it and has sat there every day since, building houses and even a little Tesco 😍

At the weekend we nipped back to Smyths for some brick base plates with the idea of sticking them to the Lack. We went for an unbranded set as they were only £12.99 for 5. Sorry, Lego.

We checked to see if the different make of bricks worked on them, and they did! Horray! So we stuck 4 down on the lack table using No More Nails.

We’d also been to the Range that day too and bought some grey pots, which we will be attaching to the table with little picture hooks that we can just screw in to the sides of the table. These pots cost £1 each, and are a good size for bricks, although you can get bigger ones from Ikea for 50p.

Boe loves his building table even more now that it has the base plates attached, and within minutes he had started building a bigger house 🏡

We will be shopping for the small hooks at the weekend, so I’ll add a completed table photo once it’s done, but this is what it looks like currently….

It’s so simple and wonderfully cheap to make. The lack in Ikea is only £6 in black these days, the base plates were £12.99 and No More Nails varies on where you buy it from, but you can get a small tube for about £5 on Amazon.

Happy days!

Kate xx

Ps. None of the links above are affiliate links, I’ve just added them in so you can see more details and prices. It really pays to shop around for deals on Lego 💜

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