Boe’s Book Nook


So it’s suddenly occurred to me (at 3.06 am) that in all the excitement of starting my new business I’ve forgotten to invite you in to see one very important space in our home – Boe’s Book Nook! 

I know,  right? Shocking.

So let’s jump right in.

From day one of my pregnancy it was a priority that Boe (or Pip as he was known then) would have his own book nook and be surrounded by books. Every night before bed Mr Plinky and I would read “Each Peach Pear Plum” to him, or we’d just make a story up, which was a lovely bonding experience for us while we were counting down the weeks / days until his arrival.

When we decorated his nursery, we got a day bed for when Nana Plinky visits, which had a vinyl tree behind it, which we called the “story tree” with the idea that we’d grab a story book at any point in the day and snuggle up on the daybed to read it together. Originally I was meant to have hand drawn and painted it, but by this stage I was quite heavily pregnant, so that idea got ditched sharpish ?

By the time Boe was born, he’d already started to have a bit of a collection of books, which were on two little shelves at the bottom of the day bed. But the number of books grew quite rapidly through Christening, Christmas and other gifts so storage and ideas soon had to change.

Boe relaxing under his story tree at 3 months old

Since those days we’ve had his books in the lounge (where he had the most storage space and spent most of his time), and most recently when we converted my office to his playroom his books went there. But neither place felt “right”, so now they’ve made their way back into his nursery. He’s gained yet another of my precious Expedits for the books to go in, and it’s so cute to have them back in the right place.

Boe’s always loved his books ? the lounge floor was always a bit too uncomfortable though

And each night he now snuggles up with Dada under the story tree for a bedtime story ? which is the perfect way to end his day! 

It’s still a work in progress as his nursery is yet to be completely finished, but as soon as I can I’ll update this post with a finished photo.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peek into our home life…

Have you got a book nook in your house? If so, pop along to our Facebook page and share a photo of what yours looks like 🙂

Happy reading,

Plinky xx

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