Animal Adventures at Chester Zoo


Well, hasn’t the weather been amazing over the last week or so? Granted, it’s been a bit rubbish today (here in Widnes, anyway), but it’s been like summer around the time of Mother’s Day.Sunday was brilliant weather, so we decided to pack our bags and head off to Chester Zoo.
We’ve been memebers of the zoo since Boe was a teeny-tiny baby, but due to him being so poorly over winter with his RSV and needing his inhalers every time he picked up colds etc, we hadn’t been for a while.
Plus Nana Plinky was visiting, so we thought it would be nice to take her while she was here.

Have you been to Chester Zoo before? If not, then you must go, as it’s so much fun! Our favourite place to head to is the Islands, especially on a bright, sunny day!

I won’t lie, the zoo marks up quite a lot of steps on your Mi Fit, as it’s such a HUGE place, but it makes a great day out!

We saw a fab mix of the favourites – penguins (a must for Boe), tigers, monkeys, the most gorgeous cheetahs and leopards, and even an Orangutan and her baby (which we assume is the same baby that was born that very day, although we missed out on seeing the actual birth…. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing hahaha).  And as Boe is (still) obsessed with water, we had to stop at every. single. waterfall that we passed…. and he wouldn’t let us leave for at least 10 minutes a pop 😀 We treated ourselves to a free boat trip around the islands this visit (where Boe decided it’d be a great time to release his trajectory schema and lob his pretty expensive sun cream into the river, much to the ammusement of the other people in our boat lol) The staff are always so helpful and nice, and this visit was the same – it’s great to see them all enjoying themselves 🙂 Unfortunately the restaurant on the Islands were only serving hot dogs and sandwiches this visit, so Boe missed out on his favourite popcorn chicken, but he did have a kiddies box, and our hot dogs were MASSIVE. I’m hoping the restaurant opens up properly during high season as it was such a great place to eat on a lovely sunny day.

We can’t wait to go again in a couple of weeks – now Boe doesn’t get so sick so easily, we’re going to be able to get back to normality and go on some lovely adventures!

Here are a few highlights of our day….. (please note I don’t confess to being an awesome photographer lol)


Penguin spotting


Is this the gorgeous Sarikei and her precious little baby in the basket in the tree? Side note…. how stunning is the sky? <3


One of the many waterfall stops <3


Duck spotting on the islands boat tour <3



Having a rest by the giraffes 😀


Peek-a-boo – we see you!


Boe LOVED the waterfall in the Tropical Relm. The whole area was soo peaceful


There’s some gorgeous birds in the tropical relm


Here’s us enjoying the boat ride. Can you spot us?


Yet another waterfall. And I wonder why I’m singing TLC so much these days lol


Cheetah, cheetah, compulsive eater


Checking out the lovely tiny monkeys


Boe loved being able to get so close to the animals <3

So there you have it, a little short story of our grand day out 😀 You may have noticed that there’s a few links in this post, which are there to help you if you want to get more details on specific blurbs on my page. Some of these are affiliate links (mainly the amazon links) – for more deets on these links, please have a read of my disclosure page.

Love and sunshine,
Plinky xx

*Update* for those of you asking about Boe’s Fox reins, we got it here. His carrier is an amazing Tula <3