☀️ Hi! Welcome to my little internet nook ☀️

I’m Kate (AKA Plinky), and this is my website where you can find a whole host of stuff….. From blogs about our Saturdays and Sunny Days, work related shenanigans with Tropic Skincare and possibly a few posts about my journeys with Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, infertility, OCPD, extreme anxiety, depression, hoarding and other mental health issues, our path through IVF, and how I survive this crazy life.

I’ll not bore you too much with an in-depth “About me” section, because you’ll learn more about me through our blogs and social media than you will from a short intro page on a website, but in a nutshell, I’m over 20 and I come from a little fishing village on the South coast of Devon, although I’m currently living the dream just outside Liverpool with Mr Plinky (my husband), our miracle baby Boe and two adorable (but very high maintenance) kitties.

I like cake, Jamesons whisky, the majority of musical tunes, movies, food, air, science, acupuncture, crystals and alternative therapies, cats, cats on YouTube, sarcasm, hospitals and the NHS, yoga, self care, E.R (gosh I miss that show), Code Black, Will & Grace, Eastenders and Neighbours, and more food with food on the side.

The last few years have been super insane in our world – from leaving my peaceful home town in Devon to join the hustle and bustle of city life in Liverpool, winging my way through life as a wife and miracle mama and also throwing my brain in to soooo many topics of study…. I’ve done various courses sourrounding the the weather via the Met Office, and I’ve just recently completed the Solihull Approach practitioner course as well as multiple courses about brain developement in children, medically-assisted ways on making a baby in the 21st century, mental health in children and teenagers and working with children who have suffered trauma. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m now working towards a diploma on Crystals and their benefits!

Although there’s a few bits on our website, our main hide-out is our blog, which features two major sections. Health & wellbeing and Saturdays and Sunny Days. I’m no Dr or perfect parent, but hopefully my blog posts will help those of you with similar paths or desired dreams and wishes.

So pour yourself a cup of your favourite, and sit back whilst we *try* to entertain you!

Love and light,
Plinky and co xxx

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